Entrepreneurial inspiration for students and young offenders

Sponsor Benefits

We all remember how difficult life can seem at 16 years old when you have no clear vision in your life and are unsure about exactly what you want to do when you leave school. We remember the pressures of trying to balance adolescence alongside examination results that you may be asked about for life.

By sponsoring Uniqueness, you'll have access to thousands of Stevenage and Hertfordshire Year 11 students (subject to their consent) Thomas International candidate feedback reports, highlighting the values each individual can bring to your organisation.

The incredible benefit of matching the student's working strengths to appropriate vacancies that you have, will save time and money compared with the conventional recruitment processes.

Your sponsorship will ensure not only that we are able to continue every year with these motivational presentations, but that each student will walk away with their very own copy of Bob Nelson's fantastic, easy to read book 'A Thousand and One Ways to Take Initiative At Work'.

As sponsors, your financial support will demonstrate the social responsibility of your business and show you are committed to the local community which underpins the success of that very business.


We would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to the sponsors who have provided financial support or enormous time and goodwill of talented individuals within their organisations.

Ways to support us

There are several ways to get involved with the work of Uniqueness. Options include a one-off donation or regular monthly giving, enabling us to make a difference in thousands of young people's lives.

Uniqueness - entrepreneurial inspiration for students and young offenders