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Entrepreneurial inspiration for students and young offenders

Stephen McPartland MP and Lucy Tobias from Princes Trust are pictured with Founder Robert Stewart and a group of attendees from the Princes Trust.

Real School Benefits

Uniqueness, the registered charity, aims to support all the Stevenage Secondary Schools and other Hertfordshire schools by request creating direct access to real life ordinary success presentations from their former pupils.

With different examples of success journeys, we can ensure each presentation has something to offer for all the students, whether they are academically gifted and destined for university or for those that appear to lack the ability or belief that they will ever make a success of themselves.

The presentations will reinforce the basics for success in whatever vocation each student chooses:


  • During each presentation, a 10-minute success formula and dream realisation coaching demonstration will show all the students the formula for success:

  • Establish a plan with targets, goals and deadlines.
    Understand you will pay a price to achieve them- time, energy, effort.


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Registered Charity No. 1106755
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