Registered Charity No. 1106755
Entrepreneurial inspiration for students and young offenders

About Us: What is Uniqueness?

Uniqueness is a registered charity, No. 1106755, and has been established to:

  • Discover the uniqueness for Stevenage and Hertfordshire year nine to eleven students and young offenders aged between 18-24, with a Thomas International personal profile. This simple 8-minute one sheet questionnaire will highlight their personal strengths, attributes and identifying vocations in life in which they are likely to succeed.

  • Our sponsors who are local employers get the very real benefit of being able to identify new talent, contact, interview, and possibly recruit the students whose profiles match their vacancies using the Thomas International personal profile.

  • The one hour motivational and inspirational presentation at Stevenage and Hertfordshire secondary schools will share examples of ordinary success, achieved by two former Stevenage and Hertfordshire school students.

  • Provide a 10-minute success formula and dream realisation coaching demonstration with one student from the 120 year eleven audience. During the presentation we will prove that anyone can plan and commit themselves to being successful regardless of academic ability, gender or race.

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Registered Charity No. 1106755
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